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Hello, my name is Alexandre Magnin

I am a sustainability consultant, illustrator and Youtuber. I create animation videos and illustrations to help people learn about and teach sustainability in an engaging and effective way.

Working as a sustainability advisor for almost 10 years (with the international non-profit The Natural Step), I have seen first hand the power of a smart approach to sustainability change people’s lives, business and communities for the better. As an artist and illustrator, I have also witnessed the power of drawing and communication to help people understand and learn more effectively. So, I decided to combine my skills to share what I have learned about sustainability over years of helping businesses and communities be more successful and resilient. I created Sustainability Illustrated so everybody can learn about sustainability for free.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch to ask a question, make a suggestion or just to say ‘hi’. You can also visit my website for work on commission.

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