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I shared 5 videos with my masters level students this past week. They unanimously gave you thumbs up! Backcasting particularly resonated. Thank you for all you contribute to education on these topics.

Subscriber from the USA

These videos have been an engaging and useful tool for getting people up to speed on how we view sustainability. The fresh and fun approach that Sustainability Illustrated uses to illustrate sustainability is worth the time for anyone!

Celia Peterson, Natural Interest

In just 4.5 minutes, the "Business Case for Sustainability" video covers a topic that usually takes me 45 minutes to deliver in a typical presentation. That’s a 10 productivity factor and the clever graphics make the message wonderfully memorable. Beautiful!

Bob Willard, speaker, and author of resources for sustainability champions

I really enjoyed this video, thank you for sharing it! That was beautifully simplified: I will keep this video in mind and show it next time we go in circles during our debates among students...

Student, Creative Sustainability M.S. candidate, Aalto University

A drawing is worth a thousand words.

Subscriber from France

Alex thanks for sharing. You are a great guy and you have done far more than you could imagine. You have taught me more than I was taught in most of my degree courses in environmental science

Youtube subscriber

These videos are very clear and fun, I use them in my workshops.

Subscriber from New Zealand

Great video! It really helped me with my project.

Student from Canada

Watching this video would be 8 minutes of your day very well spent.

Subscriber from Columbia

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