Sustainability for kids

Hey kids! Did you hear about the grade three class who partnered with Ecoman to beat the dreaded Dump It Man to make a better world? Check it out!

It all started out as a normal day, but when the children arrived at school, the playground was filled with garbage, and on top of it stood the dreaded Dump It Man. Horrors! What to do??

The class had been studying how to be green, so they knew to call their friend Ecoman. Ecoman was busy protecting the Amazonian rainforest, but he was able to arrive in just a few seconds – thanks to his renewable energy jetpack.

“Hey Ecoman!” cried the class. “ What’s going on here??”

Ecoman looked around. “Ah!” he said. “Someone has been duped into dumping! If we don’t want the whole world to look like this, we have to recycle. Luckily, we have a system to do this: different waste goes into different bins. One for glass, one for plastic, one for cardboard and newspapers and one for everything else. If we do this, then glass can be melted and made into new glass; paper can be recycled, and plastic turned into hangers, bottles or even a new sweater!”

“Thanks, Ecoman!” the class shouted.

Later that day, the class sat down to have lunch and found pale, tasteless tomatoes on their plates. “BLECH!” They could see the dreaded Dump It Man sneering in the corner, so they called Ecoman again who was busy protecting endangered animals.

“Hey Ecoman! What’s going on???”

Ecoman explained that the Earth gives us fruits and vegetables all year round but different ones grow in different seasons. For example, rhubarb comes in the spring, tomatoes in the summer, pumpkins in the fall, and in the winter we get carrots. And when we respect natural cycles, Nature helps us, for example by giving us ladybugs, who eat the aphids who would otherwise eat our plants. “Yay, Nature!”

At the end of this strange day, the children left school, only to see tons of pollution in the city. Dump It Man was there too – laughing.

Ecoman was able to leave his work installing solar panels that brought electricity to a village without lights and arrive to answer the children’s question.

“Ecoman!” the class shouted. “Why is the air so grey and smelly? Can’t we do without these polluting cars??”

“Absolutely!” said Ecoman. “This is already happening. Lots of people are riding bikes to work, or travelling by public transport or carpool. You can help by doing this too. Also, new, non-polluting options are being invented everyday – things like electric cars and solar planes like the Solar Impulse that flew around the world using only energy from the sun. So you see, when we work together to be green, Dump It Man is outta here!!”

Ecoman then left with his awesome renewable energy jet pack to save the bees!

What a day for that class!! And who knows…maybe tomorrow it will be YOUR CLASS!!!

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