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Now available with Spanish, Portuguese and Catalan subtitles!

By October 9, 2014March 9th, 2015Translations

Spanish, Portuguese and Catalan subtitles

The movement is growing! Using the process outlined in our last blog, How to Translate Videos, volunteers from around the world have helped us make 9 of our videos available in Spanish and Catalan and 3 in Portuguese! Special thanks to Josep Simona and Zulma Sofia Patarroyo for our Spanish subtitles and to Alexandra Lichtenberg, Karla Sessin Dilascio and André Ribeiro Winter for our Portuguese ones. Josep Simona also provides our Catalan subtitles. Hurray!

To make them easier to access, we organized them all in playlists: See below to explore la sostenibilidad, el desarrollo sostenible, sustentabilidade e desenvolvimento sustentável!

To use the subtitles, simply click on the “cc” button at the bottom right corner of the video screen and choose the available subtitle of your choice.

Speak more than one language? Want to help make our videos freely available to more people around the world? Check out our last blog and don’t hesitate to contact us with ideas and questions.


Sostenibilidad, el desarrollo sostenible (subtítulos en español)

Sustentabilidade e desenvolvimento sustentável (subtítols en català)

Desenvolvimento sustentável (legendas em português)

Alex Magnin

Alex Magnin is a sustainability consultant and illustrator, the founder of AM Creative Inc. and the creator of Sustainability Illustrated. He creates animation videos and cartoons to illustrate sustainable change using years of experience drawing and working as a sustainability consultant with businesses and communities.

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  • Clara says:

    Please delete de independentist catalan flag because it isnt the catalan flag. I live in cataluña and that flag doesn’t represent me either put the Spanish flag or the normal catalan flag not the terrorist catalonian flag

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