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Framework for Strategic Sustainable Development (7-video playlist)

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[Egalement disponible en français ici] Sustainability is about creating the kind of world we want for ourselves, our neighbours, and future generations. It challenges us to live our lives and make decisions as individuals, organizations and societies so that we make sure that future generations have access to the same opportunities and quality of life that we do. The framework presented here is designed to help us make good and rigorous decisions. Framework for Strategic Sustainable Development The purpose of this playlist is to offer 7 videos to cut through the confusion surrounding the term ‘sustainability’ and to provide the…

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Whiteboard videos: inside the creation & drawings

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How do I create my whiteboard videos? I have been asked this question several times over the last year so I decided to make a video about it. Whiteboard videos have become very popular over the past five years or so, in part thanks to famous ones such as RSA Animates or The Story of Stuff. They can be very effective to explain something complex or abstract with drawings when words are not enough. In 2013, I decided to use drawings in whiteboard videos to share what I had learned about sustainability concept in a simple way. Not knowing anything about making whiteboard…

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How much energy do Youtube videos use?

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How much energy do Youtube videos use? Although we usually don’t think about it, watching Youtube videos uses energy too. How much? This video by Minute Earth will give you a very good answer is just under 2 minutes. Studies show that a AA battery worth of energy will get you around 10MB of data. A 3-minute live action video is around 30MB so it drains around 3 AA batteries worth of energy to stream or download. Because drawing videos contain simple visuals, they can be stored as smaller files and transferred more efficiently. Minute Earth videos, much like our own Sustainability Illustrated…

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COP 21: Climate change isn’t about stopping one bad guy…

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COP 21: climate change isn’t about stopping one bad guy… Last April, Naomi Klein came to Castlegar, a small town close to where I live, to give a talk about climate change and her latest book “This changes everything: Capitalism vs. the Climate“. So I went with my wife and our little one. It was a great evening and Naomi Klein made a lot of very interesting points. Although I was familiar with many of them, one can always use a (painful) reminder and I was grateful to be reminded that I am part of climate change too. One idea really stuck with me that night, and…

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Growing potatoes on Mars: Ecological footprint

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If I can grow enough potatoes, I won’t starve. But how large an area do I need to plant? It’s a simple question in a complex and desperate situation. In the movie The Martian, an astronaut on a Mars mission is thought to have been killed in an accident and left on the red planet during an emergency evacuation by the rest of the crew. Mark Watney, the unlucky astronaut played by actor Matt Damon, must figure out how to survive. With four years to go before the next scheduled mission will arrive on Mars, but only enough food to last...
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Earth Overshoot Day: more than 26,000 views in 2 days!!

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Our Earth Overshoot Day 2015 video made a difference! I am very excited to share with you the success of our latest video, about Earth Overshoot Day, created in partnership with Global Footprint Network: the video was watched more than 26,000 times (+2,000 times in French) on August 13th (overshoot day 2015) and the day after. This is a record by far for our Sustainability Illustrated videos and Youtube channel! I think this is mostly due to the fact that it was a timely video on a specific event and that it was hugely promoted and shared by Global Footprint Network and all partners (including WWF and many…

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23 masterpieces by Nature to inspire people on sustainability

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23 masterpieces by Nature to inspire people on sustainability Sometimes I find that the best way to raise awareness and tell people about sustainability is to speak to the heart (as opposed to the only the head). And nothing does this as well as a powerful image showing how beautiful and fragile our world is. Here are 23 creations by Nature. Please let me know what you think in the comments below…                                             Unfortunately, I received these beautiful photos by email and I don’t…

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Managing sustainability talent (cartoon)

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Last week, I created this cartoon to illustrate an article by sustainability consultant Coro Strandberg called Managing sustainability talent: Lofty goal or new business imperative? and published yesterday by Greenbiz. Chief Financial Officer says “What if we invest in sustainability skills for our people and then they leave us?”. Chief Executive Officer says “What if we don’t and they stay?”. Coro wanted a cartoon based on this simple and funny dialogue deliberatly using two female characters for CFO and CEO. I did a couple of sketches that she shared with friends and colleagues and after a round of feedback, I created this final cartoon. Please let me…

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Now available with Spanish, Portuguese and Catalan subtitles!

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Spanish, Portuguese and Catalan subtitles The movement is growing! Using the process outlined in our last blog, How to Translate Videos, volunteers from around the world have helped us make 9 of our videos available in Spanish and Catalan and 3 in Portuguese! Special thanks to Josep Simona and Zulma Sofia Patarroyo for our Spanish subtitles and to Alexandra Lichtenberg, Karla Sessin Dilascio and André Ribeiro Winter for our Portuguese ones. Josep Simona also provides our Catalan subtitles. Hurray! To make them easier to access, we organized them all in playlists: See below to explore la sostenibilidad, el desarrollo sostenible, sustentabilidade…

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