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Sustainability Illustrated videos into JAPANESE!

By July 11, 2014July 23rd, 2014Translations

Yes, you read that well! We are translating our sustainability videos into Japanese.

The first 11 Sustainability Illustrated videos will be translated into Japanese (drawings and narration) in partnership with the Japanese consulting firm BCon (Business Consutants, Inc.) and Yurie Makihara. BCon is a consultancy firm from Tokyo interested in accelerating change toward sustainability and training more Japanese people on sustainability concepts and principles, including the Framework for Strategic Sustainable Developement (also knows as The Natural Step framework). Yurie Makihara is a graduate of the master’s program Strategic Leadership Toward Sustainability (Sweden), she is a very knowledgeable sustainability practitioner trained in the techniques of Art of Hosting and also a talented graphic facilitator and a patron of Sustainability Illustrated.

So how are we going to do that? Well, BCon will translate all on-screen texts and narrations, in collaboration with Yurie who is used to the sustainability language used in these videos. They will also record the Japanese narration and send the files to me. On my end, I will replace the English on-screen texts with the Japanese ones (see this example of the first scene of the Triple Bottom Line video) and I will replace the English narration with the Japanese one before doing final editing and synchronization (using Final Cut Pro X and Motion 5 from the App Store).

This is a very exciting! Thank you to BCon and Yurie, we are looking forward to having these videos available to the Japanese public.

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Alex Magnin

Alex Magnin is a sustainability consultant and illustrator, the founder of AM Creative Inc. and the creator of Sustainability Illustrated. He creates animation videos and cartoons to illustrate sustainable change using years of experience drawing and working as a sustainability consultant with businesses and communities.

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