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Managing sustainability talent (cartoon)

By April 22, 2015Communication

Last week, I created this cartoon to illustrate an article by sustainability consultant Coro Strandberg called Managing sustainability talent: Lofty goal or new business imperative? and published yesterday by Greenbiz. Chief Financial Officer says “What if we invest in sustainability skills for our people and then they leave us?”. Chief Executive Officer says “What if we don’t and they stay?”. Coro wanted a cartoon based on this simple and funny dialogue deliberatly using two female characters for CFO and CEO. I did a couple of sketches that she shared with friends and colleagues and after a round of feedback, I created this final cartoon. Please let me know what you think in the comments below.

Managing sustainability talent: Lofty goal or new business imperative?

Fueled by globalization, technological change, population growth and shifting demographics, sustainability mega-forces will affect the ability of business to succeed and thrive over the next 30 years.

With the global population expected to balloon from 7 billion to 9 billion people by 2050, companies will need to reinvent themselves to secure their access to resources and the social license to operate and grow.

Collectively, humanity is already consuming 1.5 times the resources that can be renewed in a year. Just as concerning, the income inequality gap continues to widen, further threatening social cohesion.

Businesses that anticipate, plan for and help alleviate these trends not only will build their competitive advantage, but will contribute to building a viable society for all.

The catch: For business to prosper in this new global context, current and future leaders will need a host of new skills and competencies. Click here to read more.

Alex Magnin

Alex Magnin is a sustainability consultant and illustrator, the founder of AM Creative Inc. and the creator of Sustainability Illustrated. He creates animation videos and cartoons to illustrate sustainable change using years of experience drawing and working as a sustainability consultant with businesses and communities.


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