Whiteboard videos: inside the creation & drawings

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How do I create my whiteboard videos? I have been asked this question several times over the last year so I decided to make a video about it. Whiteboard videos have become very popular over the past five years or so, in part thanks to famous ones such as RSA Animates or The Story of Stuff. They can be very effective to explain something complex or abstract with drawings when words are not enough. In 2013, I decided to use drawings in whiteboard videos to share what I had learned about sustainability concept in a simple way. Not knowing anything about making whiteboard…

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Managing sustainability talent (cartoon)

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Last week, I created this cartoon to illustrate an article by sustainability consultant Coro Strandberg called Managing sustainability talent: Lofty goal or new business imperative? and published yesterday by Greenbiz. Chief Financial Officer says “What if we invest in sustainability skills for our people and then they leave us?”. Chief Executive Officer says “What if we don’t and they stay?”. Coro wanted a cartoon based on this simple and funny dialogue deliberatly using two female characters for CFO and CEO. I did a couple of sketches that she shared with friends and colleagues and after a round of feedback, I created this final cartoon. Please let me…

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Communicating sustainability visually & effectively (webinar, Oct.1st, 2014)

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Communicating sustainability visually & effectively On October 1st I ran a free webinar on "Communicating sustainability visually & effectively" hosted by The Natural Step Canada. I have been working as a sustainability consultant for almost 10 years and I am also an illustrator. During this webinar I introduced the idea that engaging the right brain (intuition, holistic thinking) in addition to the left brain (linear and analytical thinking) can be an effective way to communicate sustainability. I also offered some free tools to to do that such as: short my Sustainability Illustrated animation videos, newsletters, YouTube channel, social networks where...
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