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Communicating sustainability visually & effectively (webinar, Oct.1st, 2014)

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Communicating sustainability visually & effectively On October 1st I ran a free webinar on "Communicating sustainability visually & effectively" hosted by The Natural Step Canada. I have been working as a sustainability consultant for almost 10 years and I am also an illustrator. During this webinar I introduced the idea that engaging the right brain (intuition, holistic thinking) in addition to the left brain (linear and analytical thinking) can be an effective way to communicate sustainability. I also offered some free tools to to do that such as: short my Sustainability Illustrated animation videos, newsletters, YouTube channel, social networks where...
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How to translate sustainability videos

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How to translate sustainability illustrated videos? Over the last few months, many people have asked me about translating videos and how they could help do so. This is very exciting and I am very grateful for all the help and good will that you folks are showing to make these videos available to more people in more languages. There are mostly 3 ways to translate a video: Subtitles: This is the cheapest way because YouTube makes it very easy although it is not as user-friendly and fully translated video. The process is simple: You send me an email and I…

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Simple, engaging, informative sustainability videos

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Watch and share Sustainability Illustrated – Simple, engaging, informative sustainability videos A guest blog by Alexandre Magnin on Coro Strandberg’s website I’m always looking for better ways to communicate about sustainability, so when I discovered the Sustainability Illustrated YouTube channel, I definitely had to share it with you. It features short, animated videos that clearly explain different aspects of sustainability – and they’re free to share. So, please meet Alexandre Magnin, the brains and brush behind Sustainability Illustrated: —– Sustainability – our ability as a species to survive and thrive on planet Earth within ecological constraints – is arguably the…

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Sustainability Illustrated videos into JAPANESE!

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Yes, you read that well! We are translating our sustainability videos into Japanese. The first 11 Sustainability Illustrated videos will be translated into Japanese (drawings and narration) in partnership with the Japanese consulting firm BCon (Business Consutants, Inc.) and Yurie Makihara. BCon is a consultancy firm from Tokyo interested in accelerating change toward sustainability and training more Japanese people on sustainability concepts and principles, including the Framework for Strategic Sustainable Developement (also knows as The Natural Step framework). Yurie Makihara is a graduate of the master’s program Strategic Leadership Toward Sustainability (Sweden), she is a very knowledgeable sustainability practitioner trained in the…

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